The 'Exciting Research' is

an ongoing research about the

excitement-measurements collected and

visualized by a device MOODY® -

hanging on the ear, a jewel/ earring.

It shows the individual excitements of the

people by measuring the temperature of

the ear. And by measuring distances

between each other, it will give us data to

visualize the 'Energies between People'.



A world where everyone's mask seems to fall off and 

where social interconnectivity is made aware.

It can break the ice and change social constructions 

by making everybody more 'sensitive'.

A less-hierarchical sharing space. 

Your subconsciousness is 'vulnerably' shown 

with your consent because you agreed 

on showing it, by wearing it.

Subconscious collective behaviour is measured, 

visualised, and further stimulated.

The body, its relations and exchange with other 

bodies and the context open a framework were 

technology serves as a canvas to paint our emotions.






Jo Caimo: initiator, inventor

Pieter-Jan Beeckman: developer

(previous) Collaborators:

Jorge Guevara, Nassim Verbraegen, Sebastian Sprenger, Pieter Steyaert, Lisa-Maria van Klaveren, Mark Stoetzer


This work is licensed under a
Coöperative Non-Violent Licence