Moody 3.0 residency in Madrid report:

Chinees factory – making the workshop:


Presentation and first party moody test:














































The App on iPhone

Afbeelding met tekst, natuur

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving










Presentation in party-setting and first collective energy feedback Alimentation Ming Zhu



The party was nice and people were very enthusiast about the project 🌈 !!

Only some things so the project can be shown the fullest in the future:

I couldn't download the app on several iPhone..(also a bit a hustle with the laptop).

So there was no moment with all using the devices.. And the batteries don't last super long..

these things can be still improved, the device can be smaller and less things to solder and glued, so faster to assemble..

And I didn't understand the touchdesigner code, so I couldn’t play with it..

But I'm happy about the result in the ongoing collective research!!

And I would like to continue with u peoples!!

So, we improve the Chinees factory, for mass production making the moody-hype 🥰

Let’s meet soon!! 😘



New API and all code on Github.


How we show the collective energy?


In CRA the residency-place in Matadero we collaborated with Carlos Verbose (soundartist) y Violeta Gil y Helena Mariño of Una Fiesta Salvaje:,





Formula for temp to color (made by Nassim Verbraegen):




Ideas for future visualisations:

Visualisations about the past the now and the future

Measuring the possible energy in the future like they do with earthquake probability of what will happen.

How to go into the future?

-        From analysing all energies and from where they came from.

-        Together with what is happening now.

-        And recording it for later as a way of document of what was happening at that moment.

Feedback-loops to not only visualize the energies between people but also stimulate the shared vibe.

And in search of co-producents for further production and presentations for making party- and other participatory performance-settings and sell the product.

Please mail if you are interested in collaboration to


Make an event that works for 5 Moody’s connected with one iPhone!! FOR NOW


LINKS and thoughts:

Living in the Pink

Pink NOISE and other colored noise

Thoughts of Lisa-Maria Van Klaveren and Mark Stoetzer, previous collaborators.

And here is the legacy of the Exciting Research.